Food | Stir Fry on a Budget

As a full time student I know how it feels to eat on a budget – sad times yes. However, I recently discovered that it’s possible to make a delicious and easy stir fry that won’t hurt the bank. For just 7£ you can buy all the ingredients needed from Marks and Spencer’syes, you heard correctly, Marks and Spencer’s!

If I’m not mistaken, it’s a relatively new meal deal thats been introduced to the food chain, which is music to my ears. for essentially two meals (so basically 3.50£ per meal) can not be beaten – considering the ingredients are all from M&S, notoriously known for their premium pricing (if you ask students).

This particular stir fry (and recipe) is student friendly (and dummy proof) as it’s really quick to cook / make and requires minimal effort, perfect for lazy students like myself. Continue reading