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Fashion & University | Christian Louboutin’s ‘Nudes For All’ stilettos collection

Throughout my time at university, we are (and still continue to be) encouraged to keep informed on current affairs and up-to-date of what is happening in the world of PR – in what ever form that might be. In doing so, new PR campaigns and disastrous PR campaigns (for example Kendal Jenner X Pepsi earlier this year) come to light, and are seen along the way.

For this blog I thought I’d change it up and explore my new favourite PR campaign – Christian Louboutin’s ‘Nude For All’ Collection.


“Nude is not a colour, it’s a concept.” – Christian Louboutin

Cast your mind back four years, the legendary French shoe designer Christian Louboutin launched the now iconic “Nudes For All” Collection. A ‘she’ collection made up of five shades of nude, to suit five different skin tones. Louboutin has just launched two new ranges of ‘nude’ shoes in a spectrum of seven colours, from a light ‘Lea Nue’ to a dark ‘Toudou’.


Christian Louboutin has famously campaigned for recognition of black skin on the ‘Nude” colour spectrum, and more lighter shades of nude, after a member of his team bluntly told him “beige is not the colour of my skin”.

He took matters into own hands with the launch of his ballet pump and introduced another two shades of nude taking the range up to a total of seven shades of nude.

This campaign has recently resurfaced as the French fashion designer has expanded his “Nudes” collection and introduced two high heeled sandals; the Christeriva and the Cherrysandal.


This campaign is known for starting the uphill battle of providing black women with simple nude options; the fashion and beauty industry produces mass produces with white skin in mind. Even now in 2017, many cosmetics companies, shoe and lingerie manufacturers lack a range of ‘nudes’ for a range of darker skin shades.

This campaign has been a conversation-started in the industry and is an advocate/example for other big name brands to look up to/follow in order to make sure a nude option for all skin tone is available – and not just in luxury stores, high-street stores too.

Enjoy ✌🏽



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