Food | Favourite Food Spots in London

Having just come back to London for a week, before I return back to Birmingham for a PR internship at McCann Erickson, I thought I’d write a blog post about my favourite food spots in London. My family and I love to go out for food, and when I do come home from university (and haven’t made other plans) we will usually go out for some food!

Lobster and Burger

By far probably one of my fav ever restaurants, I’m literally obsessed and it’s one of my go-to restaurants. As hinted by the name, the restaurant serves only Lobster and Burger – sometimes even merged together!

Frenchie Covent Garden

This is one of my mums favourite restaurants, which I now love thanks to her. They serve Parisian inspired cuisine and is the news addition to the Frenchie franchise.


Flat Iron

This restaurant is notoriously known to have the best steaks in the whole of the West-End. Me and my old man love this restaurant and alway get the T-Bone steak with a side of fries and salad.



Enjoy ✌🏽



11 thoughts on “Food | Favourite Food Spots in London

  1. Oooo .. how I’d love to go to London, if only for the food! If we’re ever lucky enough to go, we’ll be stopping at Lobster and Burger (for him) and the Frenchie Covent Garden (for her). x

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