University | Ads – Love or Loathe?

Having finished a month interning at two different PR agencies, I have gained a real insight into the world of PR and advertising and how they differ immensely, but have yet merged in some respect.

Every now and again I would hear figures being darting around the office (figures that represented the amount of money that was being put into online paid ads), and I thought to myself why are brands still spending so much money on paid advertising when people (or at least young millennials like myself) find them so annoying?

I can say that I’ve recently learnt that there are a number of pros and cons to ads, but the facts are:

You can pay a monthly fee for ad-free YouTube, aka YouTube Red.


You can pay a monthly fee for ad-free SoundCloud, aka SoundCloud Go.


You can even pay a monthly fee for ad-free Twitch, aka Twitch Turbo.

Some newspapers are even getting in on the ad-free alternatives with subscription options, and my prediction is that it is probable ad-free alternatives will be available on Facebook, Twitter and even SnapChat for a monthly fee.

It’s clear that people are willing to pay money in order to stop advertising interrupting them from their entertainment. There are no two ways about it, people don’t like adds that they are subjected to watch, no matter how engaging, creative or unique they might be.

Maybe there is some bias on my behalf, considering that I am/hope to be a PR girl in the near future, and at the end of the day these opinions are all mine, but it makes you think. Shouldn’t big brands be investing their money more wisely and gaining coverage organically/through PR instead of essentially shoving it in people’s faces? Or at least having some sort of significance in their publics lives opposed to interrupting them?

Having said this, it’s clear that PR and advertising has somewhat merged (to a certain extent) with the rise of the micro-celeb/online influencers and PR’s reaching out to collaborate (paid advertorials) which are effective to a certain extent.

If I’m honest I don’t really know where I am going with this post, but I feel that public relations could play a larger role in the future than what people think and slower integrate further with advertising – just some food for thought!

 Enjoy ✌🏽



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