University | I Survived Exam Season

One inevitable part of university, that each undergraduate faces at some point during their degree is exams and exam season. I was lucky enough to not have any exams in my first year, but not so lucky this year. I’m not gonna lie, it was a struggle

My last exam was yesterday (19/5) and it was for my PR module (PR in Context). I’ve found this particular module to be one of the hardest theory modules that I have undertaken to date. It’s all about PR theory, communication theory and global PR which doesn’t sound all the fun (and it wasn’t) but that didn’t take away the importance of the module.

My exam was worth 40% of my overall mark, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but in hindsight it is. The remaining 60% of my mark was based on an academic research paper and a conference in which I spoke at regarding the main issues I found in my research paper.

I was lucky to have planned in advance to of finished all of my other assignments two weeks before my exam – which meant I could dedicate these two weeks to revising everything I had learnt in the year for this exam.

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This was easily one of the best things I could have done, I forced myself to learn the most important topics and information off of PowerPoints that had been previously used in lectures and seminars. I literally memorised 1 A4 piece of paper (both sides) worth of key words/meanings and uses, along side another 2 A4 pieces of paper (both sides again) worth notes, key points and academic books (which might I add included the name of the author, date written and pages I would need to reference). This exam defo tested my brain and how much information I could keep retained!

Nonetheless I survived exam season – just need to wait from my results now, role on June 20th!

 Enjoy ✌🏽



One thought on “University | I Survived Exam Season

  1. Exams are always like that! Get you tensed for moment but once you go through it, it’s wonderful that you studied all of it. As you prepared it two weeks ago, I think it’s very smart way of dealing with exams or any kind of assignment.

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