Lifestyle |How I Spend My ‘Me Time’

I’ve always been a firm believer of ‘me time’, time that you spend by yourself, away from the hustle, bustle and stresses of the real world. Time to literally be to yourself and a time in which to enjoy you own company. My me time is alway a way for me to unwind and destress, and yes I am one of those people that needs a least an hour of me time a day, because having a balance is something that is high up on me list.

I clean & organise.

I’m one of these people that finds cleaning, whether that be my room or even dishes, to be incredibly therapeutic; and something that I occasionally do by myself. I’m also one of those people that has a spot of everything they own, and from time to time I let things become unorganised.


I listen to music.

I am constantly listening to music, and my me time is no different. I love to find new albums and I am one of those people that will listen and listen and listen to the same album for days on end – and probably irritate everyone I know with my singing. I recently discovered Post Malone and a few of his albums that I am obsessed with.


I write down my thoughts.

I’ve always been a person to internalise my thoughts – which can be an issue, although I have no problem speaking my mind when necessary. I find that my problem with internalising my thoughts (and essentially bottling them up) means that my only option to get them out is to document them. I do this by kind of keeping a memoir; where I write daily notes/moments/thoughts. It also encourages me to keep up with my writing which has many benefits in it’s self.



I read.

I love to read a good book, and in my me time I will usually be on the hunt for a new book to sit down and read. I find this to be a favourite pass time of mine as it always me to (in a way) escape and dive into the narrative (some of my favourite books).


These are just some of the things I enjoy doing in my ‘me time’!

Enjoy ✌🏽



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