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Beauty & Health | My Favourite Lush Products

Today’s post is going to be about all things Lush, and an insider scoop on my favourite Lush products. I’ve always been a fan of Lush and the smell that you are greeted to when entering their stores is one that I wish I could be greeted to daily.

Lush is definitely like marmite, you either love it or hate it (especially the scent of their stores), and I’ve been a lover of their products for years. They sell a whole range of health and beauty product, from shampoo and conditioner to even make up (which is a new range of products that I am yet to try out)!

I feel that Lush are notoriously known for their wacky and colourful bath bombs that I loveeeee, but living away from home at university means that one luxury I can no longer take advantage of is a baths – I don’t have one this year!

But none the less, one of my all time favourite bath bombs has to be……….


I find that Butterball is perfect for when my skin is in need of that added TLC and works well when my skin is most dry/irritated/sensitive after a fake tan overload (and when I’ve gone ham with my exfoliating products and mitt). The Butterball is made of coca butter (I believe), and leaves you feeling well buttered and smelling of vanilla!


One thing that I use to the high heavens (daily might I add), is one of my all time favourites that I had recently forgotten about(because it usually limited addition, and come back for a limited time) until my cousin recently bought me a new one. It’s by far the best smelling shower gel I have used to date……

Jam Rose Shower Gel

This product honestly smell better than some perfumes I’ve used in the past, and its scent lasts for a decent amount of time too. Although the name of the product might connote old lady rose scent, there’s none of that in this product. If I were to describe the smell, I’d say its more like a jammy/juicy smell with a hint of vanilla intertwined with roses – it’s such a unique smell – fricking love it!

My final favourite product by Lush has to be …..

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

I kid you not, this is easily the best in shower body conditioner/moisturisers I have ever used, the smell – as with all Lush products – literally smells good enough to eat. You use this product just like you would with hair conditioner, massage over wet skin and rinse off. The ingredients within the body conditioner have anti-ageing properties, as well as being enriched in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. The product is a moisturising body butter that leaves the skin glowing – literally.

So that’s it, these are my top Lush products, that are essentially my holy grail, and products that I (nearly) all the time!

Enjoy ✌🏽






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