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After getting back into some serious book reading in the past few months (at least while I’ve got some free time away from my university studies), I thought I’d change up the blogs and round up my 4 favourite books that I’ve read. I’ve always been a big book reader (on the sly), usually getting through a few just when I’m holiday; but as I do have more time I find myself reading more and more! Personally I love to hear other peoples opinions on books, and I love the fact that usually no two people have the same view on a character or a chapter in any book (I feel that it’s really down to interpretation and that depends on the reader him/herself).

1. The Twilight Series – Stephenie Meyer:

This is a proper old school favourite of mine, and any good friend of mine could tell you that I used to be OBSESSED with The Twilight Saga, and soon fell in love with the films when they were released – everyone knows the story behind The Twilight Saga, so I’ll move on to the next…

2. One Day – David Nicholls:

This romantic novel follows the journey that Emma and Dexter take, who meet on the day of their graduation. The book documents that same day for the next next 20 years (split into 20 different chapters); including life’s ups and downs – which David Nicholls articulates so well throughout the book. It’s a must read!

3. Reasons to Stay Alive – Matt Haig:

This is easily one of the most important books I feel that I have ever read, it’s an incredible read. The novel is memoir about the author, Matt Haig’s major depressive disorder, it is a novel that truly makes you grateful to be alive and a novel that I go back to time and time again. Some describe this book to be more than just a memoir, and about making the most of your time on the earth. The book documents how Matt overcame the illness that almost took his life and how he learned to live again.

4. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn:

Gone Girl is another favourite of mine and I’m not too sure if I know anyone who hasn’t read the book or seen the screen adaption. The book is both a horror and thriller all merged in to one bound book. The novel follows Amy and Nicks story, two individuals married to each other. The novel tells the story from each character’s perspective, but, as you later find out in the book, they two do not align and you soon realise that something isn’t quite right.


These are definitely my top 4 reads that I would encourage any and all people to read. Yes, I do understand that The Twilight series is more targeted at the adolescent/younger generation, but I just fell in love with the books when I first read them, and it would be criminal for me to leave them out of my favourite book listicle!

 Enjoy ✌🏽



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