University | Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to University

You get so much from family, friends and loved ones about ‘university’ and life on campus; and if I’m honest most of it is out-of-date irrelevant advice that will never come in handy in any situation. Having now been at university for 2 years, I feel that I have had a fair share of experiences that no advice set me up for. So here’s what I’d have liked someone to tell me.

  1. University is going to be one of the most stressful times your life, but it will all be ok,
  2. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed, and you will, and it will come out of nowhere,
  3. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN (assignments, meals, nights out – plan everything),
  4. Don’t leave referencing to the end and use an online tool,
  5. Your body and bank account are going to hate you at the end of the academic year,
  6. Your gonna need ear plugs (you can thank me later for that one!)


I feel that no matter what anyone says, they can never really prepare you for what university has to offer (the good and the bad). Having said this my time at university has been really fun and changed me as a person (for the better). But really, if someone had given me some of the above advice, I might of been able to enjoy my first year at university that bit more.

 Enjoy ✌🏽



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